First Post!

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Finally, after months (years?) of procrastinating, I have set up my own real blog!

puts "Hello, world!"
"Hello, world!"

This blog was previously located on Although I love how has made it a piece of cake for anyone to start their own blog, to me, it didn’t feel very flexible and programmer-friendly.

Embarrassingly, one of the main reasons for my marathon procrastination was because I had never heard of text transformation engines such as Jekyll. I thought there were only two main ways to create blogs:

  • Using a blogging system such as WordPress or
  • Building a blogging website using vanilla HTML and CSS

Using WordPress was too limiting for a programmer, and writing every blog post in vanilla HTML felt like needless effort.

That was until I stumbled upon Jekyll. I’m very impressed, and I’m usually not so easily impressed. Setting up this blog has not been easy, but it has been fun! Jekyll is incredibly powerful, and I’m going to enjoy blogging using Markdown!